Treatment Programs

Shade Program

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Shade is a 10 week program for reducing drinking and helping with depression. Shade uses cognitive behaviour therapy control their substance use, alcohol use and mood. Our research shows that SHADE can help you reduce your drinking and improve your mood.

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Frances Kay Lambkin

The DEAL Project

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The DEAL Project is a 4-week psychological treatment delivered entirely via the internet. Participants access the web-based sessions from their home computer. The DEAL Project (DEpression ALcohol) intervention sessions include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and motivational strategies.

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Comorbidity Booklets

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These booklets are written for people who use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs and who have experienced depression, anxiety, psychosis or trauma.

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The iTreAD project is a randomized controlled trial that has been designed to help us find out what kinds of programs work best for people aged 18-30 years who experience low mood and binge drink. The project is aiming to test the effectiveness of internet delivered psychological treatment for improving depression and binge drinking with the addition of a social networking component. If you are interested, you can complete an online screening questionnaire to determine whether iTreAD is right for you.

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